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We are committed to providing outstanding services to the Government market, and our local team is highly trained and attuned to the special requirements of properly handling and managing visas and passports.

Visa Processing

Applying for visa’s online with Capital Link Services is fast, reliable and simple. Once you buy your visa online, we provide you with every piece of information you need and detailed instructions. Once you have completed this information, you pass it back to us at the CLS office, and we look after everything else – it couldn’t be easier.

For peace of mind, our advanced systems allow you to track applications every step of the way through our website.

Third Person Notes

CLS has consulted, co-designed and collaborated with DFAT to develop the CLS Third Person Notes (TPN) portal. Our automated system simplifies the TPN issuance process, and also ensures confidence and trust in the final issued TPN. As such, the TPN process is completed online with an authorised Government representative completing the TPN request, submitting it to DFAT, and pending DFAT’s approval, receiving a link to the issued TPN via email.

We offer the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective TPN service in the market.
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Secure Document Delivery

Capital Link Services provides a high-security document delivery service for government departments, banks, professionals, and the general public. We understand how important it is to get documents to their destination securely! Our trained team and fleet of delivery cars have years of experience in door-to-door, high security document pickup and delivery. In working with CLS, you can be assured that you document will be picked up and delivered directly to the location or person where it needs to go.
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