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Russian Visa Invitation/Voucher order form

An invitation for entry is required to obtain a visa into Russia. If you do not already have one an application for invitation should be made.

Please enter information to be used for issuing you a visa invitation

Travel Details

Employment Information

Voucher type, processing time and price

Invitation type 3 days processing 1-2 days processing 12 hours processing
Tourist single entry
Tourist double entry
Business visa 13 days 7 days
Business 3 months single/ Double entry (7 DAY PROCESSING NO LONGER 4 DAYS)
Business Multiple entry 6 months
Business Multiple entry 12 months

(We can organise an alternative method for transferring a copy of your passport should you require.)


  1. Please Complete CLS Russian Visa Invitation/Voucher order form
  2. Please Attach a copy of the first page of your passport.
  3. All invitations will be processed through the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs. Official visa support will be emailed to our CLS office.
  4. We will start processing your request on the same day if we receive the above documents before 10.00 am, otherwise they will go for processing the next business day.